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Dream big, act fast.

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TLDR- I know Rails, let’s build together.

I understand that the most important part of any project is getting it in front of users.

I am the ultimate buy one get one free; a true full stack developer with years of experience working with Rails and React.

Let’s leverage my skill set to get your idea from in your head to on the web.


  • Great knowledge of Ruby.
  • Experienced Next/React user.
  • Sidekiq expert.
  • Domain Modeling.
  • CSS (SCSS, StyleComponents, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Whatever is clever).
  • API’s and Integrations are my jam.

I am very familiar with the JavaScript ecosystem including modern React and the current rise of hypermedia on, over, or around the wire. From LiveView in Phoenix, to Hotwire and HTMX, I’ve hosted projects in each.

Legacy Code

I have experience working with large media organizations that managed many forms of media from digital to printed magazine. Magazine systems are archaic, and very brittle. I refactored America’s Test Kitchen’s subscription service, allowing for greater resilience and capture.

I am currently working for an enterprise grade e-commerce platform. We leverage Rails (Sidekiq) to serve hundreds of millions of requests a month.