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Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer | Contractor, and Consultant | 8+ Years of Experience in building Scalable web/mobile applications

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I am a Core Tech Developer with over 8 years of experience, specializing in Fullstack Ruby on Rails. Proficient in GraphQL, JavaScript (NextJS, React, Vue), CSS, HTML, Git, SQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, and Stripe.

Thriving in remote environments, I've contributed significantly to diverse projects, ranging from dynamic marketplaces to innovative mobile apps. My journey includes pivotal roles as a Developer, Lead, Consultant, and Scrum Master.

As an ardent startup enthusiast, I've been an integral part of transformative journeys, guiding ideas from inception to million-user scale. I thrive on the excitement of building products from scratch, fostering agility, and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.

I lead with innovation, mentorship, and platform performance elevation. I have refined my ability to foster collaborative excellence while instilling a culture of continuous improvement.

Beyond my professional pursuits, my passion for tech innovation drives me to explore emerging coding frameworks. Always seeking fresh insights and cutting-edge trends, I'm an avid reader of tech literature.