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Junior Dev with startup work experience, specialising in Ruby on Rails projects and QA work.

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I'm an outdoor loving, social Junior Dev. Originally for Munich, I call New Zealand my home.

Last year I finished my NZ Diploma in Web Development and since then worked for a startup tech company in New Zealand (in-office and remotely). I've been involved in different app development projects - mainly Ruby on Rails backend and including Tailwind, Hotwire/Turbo, Sidekiq and Rspec. Next to that I'm doing QA work for an existing booking platform in the UK, speccing new features and identifying bugs.

I'd like to advance further in my programming skills, work with a tight team of great people and achieve awesome outcomes together.

I'm a believer in remote work, trust and good communication. I love mountain biking, surfing and anything adventurous outdoors. Let's catch up!