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I'm a Full Stack Developer with over 15 years of varied experienced primarily centered around the Ruby on Rails ecosystem.

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I have been a full-stack developer my entire career, leading to a lot of hands-on experience with both the typical backend and frontend roles as well as quite a bit of DevOps and Database role experience. I prefer working in collaborative, team environments where my rounded experience and love for mentorship can elevate my entire team.

I've both lead and worked on a variety of projects in a number of industries, including Manufacturing, Finance, Video Broadcasting, and Commercial Real Estate to name a few. I've been involved with just about everything from building ERPs to building mobile apps.

I'm passionate about good, elegant DevOps. I feel that the current culture of DevOps ran too much with the hype and found itself solving things with clunky, over-engineered solutions that, in many cases, didn't deliver the value that many of us hoped for. I have rescued multiple companies from this situation in the past and love this particular work.