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Origin Story

Started my journey of Ruby ( and Rails ) development in the year 2010 with a boutique software consultancy. Developed skills like Object-Oriented-Programming and Test-Driven-Development while working there.


Since then, I have worked on various small, medium, and large Rails projects helping clients in fixing security, performance, and code quality issues. I have mentored more than a dozen junior developers enabling them in contributing to the ogranization's code-base.

Recent Projects

  • Internal tools
    • Managing a docker swarm of Rails applications that enable automatic build, install, and test funcionality of imaging applications and software that drive commercial grade printers.
  • Movius Management Portal
    • Responsible for development and maintenance of a web-based dashboard for subscriber management.
  • Onboard New Joinees
    • Provided technical and company-specific domain training to new joinees for enabling them to contribute to the organization.
  • Upgrade Rails Applications
    • Upgraded three Rails applications from version 3.2 to version 5.2 while ensuring that the functionality does not break.
  • Improved Application Performance and Security
    • Performance tuning guided by profiling and benchmarks.
  • Fixed security issues reported by the Infosec team.
    • User Interface Revamp
  • Migrated from legacy CSS to Bootstrap version 4.0