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Principle Rails dev with over 15 years profession Rails experience at Apple, Intuit, and startups

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With over 15 years of professional Ruby on Rails experience and leadership at companies like Apple and Intuit as well as successful startups, I bring extensive knowledge, with a reputation for delivering high quality code and value to the teams I am a part of.

I've led teams on large-scale systems and have a proven track record of successful cross-organizational collaboration. My focus has always been on creating sustainable growth, both for the systems I work on and for the teams I lead.

My leadership approach is deeply rooted in empathy and shared code ownership. I continuously strive for code quality and maintainability, while always balancing the business outcomes.

I'm very comfortable with:
- MiniTest & Rspec
- Haml 🤗
- Hotwire
- Stimulus
- Bootstrap
- TailwindCSS & Tailwind UI
- View Component
- Caching
- Queuing
- Mentoring

I believe in the monolith.