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Ruby on Rails developer with a passion for startups

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My primary experience is with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have built several applications from scratch, and I have worked on early-stage projects, some of which are now live and being used by customers. Additionally, I have experience deploying applications, tracking and resolving production issues, and collaborating with front-end developers and designers to ensure a seamless user experience.

I am familiar with deployment using Heroku. I have a strong passion for emerging technologies. I have worked on a play-to-earn football management game in the past year and developed a tracking system and daily reward system. I am currently working on a SaaS product complete with payment functionality.

For project management, I'm most familiar with Linear, but I've also used other apps like Trello and Basecamp.

Here are some of the technologies that I'm familiar with:
- Ruby on Rails
- TailwindCSS
- Hotwire (Stimulus & Turbo)
- Haml
- PostgreSQL
- Redis
- Sidekiq
- Git
- Heroku
- RSpec and Minitest
- Bootstrap

I am a fast learner and love learning new things. So if your stack is slightly different to what I'm familiar with, it's not a problem as I can pick it up quickly.

P.S Check out my website to find out more about me.