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Empathetic Ruby Engineering Leader. Maker of things. Eater of cheeses.

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A little about myself: I've been working commercially in software for just shy of two decades. The majority of that time I've been working as a full-stack Ruby/Rails Product Engineer, and involved in local community projects like RailsGirls and even organising a couple of Australian RubyConfs of my own. More recently I've found a passion for leading technology teams both at very large scales (at places like Qantas), and much smaller scales in my current role as Head of Engineering at an Australian RegTech startup - and everything in between.

I'm a great solo operator, but love working in pairs, teams, or leading larger groups.

I would consider myself a 'true' full-stack engineer: I love every part of the stack from CSS through to infrastructure, and have a passion for good visual design and building great user experiences

What I'm looking for right now the is opportunity to have a lot of operational and tactical delivery impact. I would consider leadership roles for the right organisation, but would probably be better suited to a short term contract with a focus on output.

What I'm looking for long term is a supportive, ambitious (but with realistic goals) company, full of great people trying to build something cool. I'd love the opportunity to have influence at a more strategic level within an organisation, alongside a supportive team. And if I'm being transparent I've struggled thus far to find the right 'fit' in this regard: either too little influence; or too much scope (and not enough support) in the role.