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I ride bikes, write code and read psychology books.

⭐️ Winner of tech stars start up weekend
🌱 2024 Boma Summit speaker
🍒 Founder of Fruitminder

As a passionate developer with a background in software engineering and economics, I have a unique perspective on how code can be used as a tool for business. My education began at Massey University in New Zealand, where I studied software engineering and economics. I then completed the Enspiral Dev Academy Code Bootcamp, which solidified my skills as a developer.

I have experience working for an agency, where I contributed to a large project for the founder of Xero, Rod Drury, using technologies such as Hotwire and Turbo. Additionally, I am currently a founder of a startup called FruitMinder, where we are using Rails as the backend for a TypeScript React Native frontend with a GraphQL API in between. It’s a bootstrapped company and currently seeking role where I can continue work on this project on weekends etc.

I've worked with;
In Rails:
- Devise
- Pundit
- RSpec
- Rails-Graphql
- Administrate
- Leaflet and much more!

- React Native and Expo
- Postgres
- Heroku,
- GNSS/GPS applications
- Webflow
- Python