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I'm an experienced Ruby on Rails developer with a master degree in informatics and 12+ years as a Ruby on Rails developer and project manager. As a freelancer, I've done a lot of projects from green field Ruby on Rails applications to legacy projects (in Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, and Python), which were a burden for all parties. We've fixed them or rewritten them as Ruby on Rails making the project reliable, testable, and a pleasure to work with.
Test-driven development is a key factor in building reliable, high-quality software, which is easy to upgrade, maintain and extend for new requirements. Ruby on Rails makes it a pleasure to build such applications.
I've started with Ruby on Rails 2.3 and have experience upgrading existing applications from 2.0 to Ruby on Rails 7.0. If you need help upgrading an existing application, I can help you.
Dependent on the requirements of the project, I try to make lean and low-dependency technical decisions, which are easier to maintain and are a better fit for long-running projects.
I'm happy to support you with your project in German or English.