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As an avid gamer I have always enjoyed a good puzzle. When I started out programming I realised that I got that same thrill of puzzle solving by writing correct and functional code. Similarly, video games taught me that collaboration and communication are crucial to success, and as such, I always aim to be the best team player I can be. My name is Patrick Wendo, an early career software developer located in Kenya looking to help you build your business solutions to fruition.

I’ve worked on full-stack projects, using a mix of Rails, React, StimulusJS, and Stimulus Reflex. This has been a mix of upgrading applications as well as “greenfield” course work. Most recently, I worked remotely building Version 2 of a rails product that utilises stimulusJS and Stimulus Reflex, building modules that allowed for migration from V1 of the app to V2 of the app as well as developed reusable view components that implement Stimulus Reflex and StimulusJS.

Outside of working hours, I love joining hackathons, developer events, and contributing to open source Rails projects. These activities help me continue to hone my skills and abilities. Most recently I participated in the Rails Hotwire Hackathon by rails devs