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Multiple Bootstrapped Founder with a passion for iterating quickly | Rails | React & React Native

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Hi! My name is Mike. I help startups thrive through user-centered design, and focusing on what matters most in the present phase of a product's life cycle.

Previously as a solo founder, I've built two profitable solo-ran businesses with Ruby on Rails, React and React Native.

If you're looking to build, improve, or maintain a slim startup with a small team, let's talk!

To get things started, here's what I can help you with:

  • Full-Stack Development with Ruby on Rails & React
  • iOS/Android App development with React Native:
    • Minimal Web View style
    • Full Development (100% native components and leverage device apis)
  • Unit/E2E Integration Testing:
    • RSpec
    • MiniTest
    • Selenium/Capybara
    • Jasmin
    • Cypress