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Full Stack Product Engineer with a background in UI/UX

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I help Products thrive through user-centered design, and the ability to wear multiple hats.

Using Ruby on Rails as my foundation, I've built, deployed, and maintained Products that leverage (React, React Native, Electron, and more recently, Hotwire) as a Solo Developer and UX Designer.

(Need help migrating some React code to Hotwire? I can help!)

With a background in UX design and 10 years of invaluable lessons, I've developed a keen focus on:

  • Shipping features quickly without big designs upfront.
  • Spotting areas of technical debt early.
  • Enhancing and simplifying UI by minimizing its required interactions.
  • Writing tests that focus on what matters.

Recent things that i'm proud of:

  • A small frontend input validations library I made called 'stimulus-inline-input-validations' was included in the Hotwire weekly newsletter.
  • My open source contributions to this very site! (RailsDevs)
  • My article (Using Custom Turbo Actions with StimulusJS) was included in the Short Ruby Newsletter