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Creative, Design Engineer, Pragmatic, Agnostic, Chill

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As a ruby on rails developer I know what it takes to build a webapp from the ground up.

To verify my experience, please check my github azeemh, and sign up for my free platform, Zedtopia. By seeing my open source code and reference projects you can see how I code in simple contexts. Going to see my work live on the web will better show you what I have built and what I am capable of coding in more complex and fully featured applications.

Should we interview and agree to mutual NDA, I can also explain to you how I coded any features of interest and screen share as I walk you thru the source code, line by line.

I have 2 apps live in production.

Zedtopia is a socioeconomic network with democratic voting and social commerce. At this point, it's a full fledged product beyond mvp, migrated from ruby 2.7.6 & rails 5, to ruby 3.2 and rails 7, with a postgresql db.


Unlimit3d is an MVP 3d printing blockchain app, currently adding printing verification and purchase, with API partners, however users can currently sign up, upload, and share their files.

Unlimit3d uses rails 7, ruby 3.2 and postgresql.


I also helped to code for the 2015-2016 election cycle, which served over 200k simultaneous logged in users at any given time.

Finally my personal website is found at, with my resume available at

There you can see my designs, some cool interactive software exhibits, whitepapers, and more...