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I'm a full-stack software engineer with more than six years of professional experience developing web and mobile applications for small and large-scale businesses through effective global remote collaborations.

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My latest work experience is at one of the largest online food delivery platforms, where I worked on backend systems that millions of customers use daily.

Here are some of my recent achievements:

  • Help reduce the waiting time of couriers at the pick-up stores by more than 15 minutes, develop geofencing controlled pick-up, business order notifications, and 3D secure verification bypass into the order processing workflow on MRSOOL.

  • Improve the quality of courier service and help generate monthly recurring revenue by developing a penalty module that charges couriers a fee for challenges they brought about, for example, delayed delivery, wrong orders, missed items, etc.

  • Refactor a large codebase using best practices and modern techniques to improve the response time on APIs by up to 22 seconds.

💼 I look forward to joining a highly collaborative, multicultural, and fast-paced environment that fosters growth and feedback and where egos don't have a place in the workplace.

⚽ I am an ardent supporter of Arsenal and the English Premier League, and you will usually find me on the weekend catching football games.

🛠️ Ruby on Rails | Ruby | RSpec | Sidekiq | Node | Express | MySQL | PostgreSQL | HTML | CSS | React | REST | Third party API Integration | Docker | GIT | GitHub | Asynchronous work | Written communication | Cross-cultural Collaboration | Virtual Collaboration

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