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From using Rails as a monolith to Rails API + React, my journey as a software engineer over 8 years has been nothing short of an adventure.

I started off running of a software development company. From understanding requirements to building the products from scratch, this implies my adaptability and a relentless pursuit of growth.

Soon, I transitioned to remote work as a full-stack software engineer in order to broaden my experience of working with diverse team from different countries. My experience working with the companies have always been agile and accuracy.

I'm a purpose driven person, therefore I always search for the right fit before I can give my full commitment towards a company. Besides, my regular gym routine and meditation practice keep me grounded and focused, enhancing my productivity and creativity in professional projects. Moreover, I love reading non-fictions and spiritual books to improve my perspective towards life and aftermath.

How I Can Contribute: I bring a holistic approach to software development. If you're a visionary person and want to bring your idea to your customer quickly, then I am the right guy for you.