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Long ago, my father imparted a dual directive: pursue a profession that offers financial stability, and then, find one you genuinely enjoy. Thus, in 1999, my foray into software development commenced – a path initially paved by the allure of monetary gain.

However, this initial motivation led me astray, resulting in a series of misguided decisions. I found myself entangled in projects devoid of personal resonance, grappling with technologies that failed to ignite my passion. Consequently, by 2010, I found myself drained and disillusioned, prompting my departure from the field.

In the aftermath, I sought solace in alternative pursuits, dabbling in artistry and carpentry. Yet, amidst these diversions, a yearning for the intricacies of technology persisted. While these endeavors provided fulfillment on a personal level, they ultimately proved to be mere pastimes, unable to satisfy my professional aspirations.

In 2019, fueled by a desire to reignite my career, I embarked on a transformative journey through a bootcamp, refocusing my expertise on the dynamic realm of web development. Since then, I've rediscovered the joy inherent in software engineering, embracing each challenge with renewed vigor.

Though my journey has been marked by twists and turns, I stand now with a wealth of experience, albeit humbly acknowledging that I am not yet an expert in this ever-evolving field.

Originally hailing from Brazil, I now reside in Portugal with my wife, drawn by the promise of a different way of life and the opportunity to forge deeper connections with our relatives. Our time here has been nothing short of fulfilling, as we eagerly embrace the myriad experiences and opportunities afforded by this new chapter.