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Hi, I'm Francisco :)
I came back in mid-2020 to focus on one of my passions: web development and programming.
I started working with Wordpress themes from scratch with Bootstrap to offer digital presence to my clients, and from there I changed to programming with Ruby.
Loving Ruby for its powerful and elegant syntax and its ecosystem, I fell in love with Ruby on Rails as a framework to rapidly and sustainably develop full web apps following the best practices and conventions.
On my personal portfolio (, I show off some featured projects and work experience, e.g., a social media clone, a RESTful API, a chess console, etc.
I've tried technologies like Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Git, PostgreSQL, Wordpress, Bootstrap, and Javascript. And a lot more, because the sky is the limit with my curiosity :).
I speak native Spanish from Argentina, advanced English, and every day I learn a little more Portuguese because I'm living in Brazil right now.