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Architect, Startup-ex-CTO, SaaS, Full-stack, Rails, React, ReactNative, API (REST & GraphQL)

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Hi, my name is Ram.

  • 15+ years experience
  • Built 25+ products
  • Leading and managing teams
  • Product design, development and management
  • Ready-for-the-market deliveries
  • Customer and market focused approach

  • I design & build SaaS, PaaS & products, APIs (REST & GraphQL)

  • Keeping focus on the performance, scaling, security and most importantly user-experience

  • Experienced at HIPAA compliance in 5+ projects. EMR, EHR. Security.

Hands-on with the following tech stack
+ Ruby on Rails
+ React / TypeScript
+ React Native (deployed on iOS + Android)
+ REST & GraphQL APIs
+ RDBMS & noSQL databases
and the whole nine yards around that needed to build a product/SaaS

Want to build a product or SaaS? Let's discuss.
Thank you for your time & attention.