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Recently graduated from Computer Science started looking to work in the professional industry.

Having 5+ years as a Freelance RoR developer, always finding a solution to my project's challenges. I have always been the 'One-man-band' with my clients. Solving each request for the little business, from blogs, commercial catalogs and image banks with fuzzy search functionality, coming triumphant every time.

Now my story is different, I want to know the enterprise side of things, working with smarter and more capable people in order to grow, solo doesn't work for me anymore. New technologies and opinions on stacks, libraries and services get me curious. I wonder how big tech companies are creating all their consumer-grade products and would like to be part of one, contribute, learn and share.

Prior to being a developer, I was the 'IT guy' who helped people with issues, plenty of hours teaching people how to use a computer and its software. Worked in the printing/design industry for many years got me plenty of skills and enabled me to try every solution until it works.

I am a native Spanish speaker, proficient in English.

I look forward to find a nice fit with a hard-working company.