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Clean Ruby on Rails code (mid-level) developer at your service!

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I'm Jules, from 🇫🇷, a freelance mid-level Ruby on Rails develop looking for a part-time job
- I started coding with Rails in 2017. Since then, I've been coding, if not every day, every week.
- I have made a few webapps from scratch. To date, 2 are live (,
- I've kept up with Rails new features (Hotwire), learned a lot by being a GoRails premium member, and feel confident joining a RoR team.

Since 2017!? Why mid-level then?
I've always coded solo and don't have a CS degreee (I have Master 2 in marketing). This gives me a bit of imposteur syndrom. Hopefully, after a few months, I'll feel confident removing "junior" from my title.