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Backend Engineer with with +5 years of experience in FinTech and PropTech industries.

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I'm a Backend Engineer with +5 years of experience. Experience building APIs and integrating external services in FinTech and PropTech industries, typically these projects run in a Docker container on some cloud provider like AWS or GCP on a Kubernetes cluster.

I like collaborating in multidisciplinary teams (product, design, etc.). Although my role is technical, I also enjoy developing business knowledge.

I have worked as a Backend Engineer in different industries. I started in a digital agency, I went through the FinTech and PropTech industries. I have always liked to have a context of the industry in which the company is developed where it is.

In Resuelve Save ~40% of expenses by developing a rules engine for the evaluation of risk profiles. I am also in charge of designing and implementing APIs. I had the role of Tech Lead in a team of 4 people and helped to hire 2 of them.

At Mono, I work closely with the founders. I was in charge of integrating multiple banking, KYC, and no-code services into the main platform. Also, help to improve the development experience by designing a new branch strategy and other processes like design documents (RFCs) to discuss technical solutions.

My last experience was working at Homie as a backend developer. Helping build the new experience for landlords and tenants, our stack is Ruby on Rails with MongoDB. Also, support other team members to grow technically.

I would like to advance my professional career by developing products where I can apply and improve my knowledge of systems architecture and systems design. In addition to other knowledge on how to improve the user experience, scalability, sustainable development, etc.