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I started my career with Singlebrook Technologies where I was initially tasked with testing legacy Ruby on Rails applications. This work quickly grew to encompass bug fixes, software updates, and new feature rollouts across all company projects written in Ruby on Rails and Angular with the exception of the company's ColdFusion applications.

I then pivoted to work on my own projects and to do contract work in order to fully grasp the breadth of the technical decisions that need to be made when initially designing, planning, and building a new web application. This was something that I had only done once with my previous employer. During this time I crystallized the concept of technical debt and expanded my depth and range as a Full Stack Web Developer.

Currently I work part time doing contract work for Cornell’s Prison Education Program through Ascendium where I’ve built a web application that facilitates learning for incarcerated persons.

I am able to take on any project and anything that I don’t already know I will learn.