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Hello reader

I am 34 yo, from Denmark, currently residing in Manila, Philippines (I have been here since 2017).

Originally, after spending 6 years designing WordPress websites and doing dropshipping/FB marketing, I had an app idea and figured it would be better to learn coding myself, instead of hiring someone else. Well… that turned out to not be a simple task and the idea I had wasn’t that good anyway. Anyways, one app became two, two became more and I started to enjoy sipping coffee and coding all day.

Up to this point, I have been doing my own hobby projects and app ideas as well as working for 4 years with my excellent Norwegian partner, for who I deliver apps. I used the tools Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, and jQuery, and the apps involve payments, video streaming, web RTC, etc.

Besides designing countless websites in WordPress and dropshipping ($73k rev in the first 5 months), mixed in with some traveling and odd jobs in service and sales, I have written 20+ apps in Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

I always strive to be a better developer. For example, recently I implemented automated testing as a habit in my coding (I was prone to skip it sometimes). And I still strive to be better - in October I finished the book Eloquent Ruby and next up is The Well-Grounded Rubyist.

With me, you have a reliable partner with clear communication. I work fast, but I also make an effort to write clean and tested code that your clients can use for years.

RECENT PROJECT (note: it’s optimized for mobile only)
Helping recycling in Norway 🔥

The recent app I built is to help recycle bottles and cans in Norway. There is a % of bottles/cans that disappear from the recycling system, and by connecting companies and people who are too lazy to recycle them (or just want to support the local community) with local sports clubs, we can get a % of the lost bottles/cans recycled. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

It surprised me how simple it is to track one’s location with a few lines of Javascript by making a 20-second loop that simply updates the current lat/lng in the map.

You can see other apps I made on my website


Here are some more recent projects built by me exclusively (both frontend and backend):
Freelance/CRM/CMS platform for 3D modeling 🔥
Comprehensive swimming course platform 🔥
Expedition marketplace 🔥

I can send more your way if interested…

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s have a call soon!


Jonas Preisler