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Over a decade of success in full-stack Ruby on Rails!

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I've been programming since I was a young teen, earned two bachelors degrees from MIT (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering), and I bring an A+ game when it comes to crafting software. My training and broad experience enables me to steer architectural and software design choices. I take pride in mentoring junior- and mid-level developers. I present solid, but flexible, opinions when collaborating with other engineers, and I cultivate those opinions through continuing education and broad experience.

Some highlights:
• Recruited and led the development team that turned around the National 4-H web application, from a struggling and seldom-used administration tool to a full-featured app used in 25 states at the state, county, club, and member level.
• Created a custom product-description language and accompanying web application that allowed a client to create new workflow-based products. The client increased their product offerings by 10x and their volume-per-staff by nearly 10x.
• Developed two new web applications for a Colorado municipality to offer fiber internet to their residents. The web applications were used by thousands of customers to sign up, schedule installation, and pay for service, and by the installers in the field to activate new commercial and residential installations. The web applications had to integrate multiple third-party systems and custom databases in a set of robust, fault-tolerant, and transactional processes.
• Engineered and developed the noise analysis tool used to validate the integer processing unit (IPU) of Intel's Pentium 4 processor.
• Filled a wide spectrum of roles on many large projects, from single engineer, building and launching greenfield web applications, to project team leader managing multi-engineer projects.
• Mentored junior- and mid-level developers, helping them earn promotions. Mentored teams by steering team culture through regular show-and-tell sessions and a technical book club.