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Hire this seasoned full-stack Rails engineer and get your project done quickly!

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👋 Hey there, I'm Bryan. With over 20 years of full-stack experience, I get things done quickly and efficiently. I get the biggest rush out of delivering something you're proud to own.

I've been working in Rails since version 4 (2013), so no codebase is too old or complex for me to jump right into. I can build what you need from scratch, or adapt to your existing codebase. I'm not going to try to convince you that you need a full re-write if we can work with what you have.

During my time at Amazon, I designed and worked with complex systems that had to scale into the millions on day one. At my current job as a Staff Engineer, I lead and work alongside my peers to build user-friendly systems that our customers rely on every day.

I obsess over you and your customers' happiness. I bring order from chaos, and can tackle any project you throw my way.

I am here because I love building. I love working on new projects and filling my schedule with interesting problems that help businesses grow is what drives me.

Reach out and let's chat!