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Hello world,

I’m a Ruby-on-Rails developer based in France, with 15 years of experience.

Back-end developer I graduated with a master in computer sciences, and held various positions as developer, tester, quality leader, project leader, mentor, always keeping hands on code.

Front-end developer Then I spent some years in the Front-end space, when things started to be well-structured thanks to Angular, then Ember and React.

Now Full-stack developer For more than 5 years now, I've been coding all layers, preferably with Rails, but I'm open to other stacks.

Some things I look for in the things I work on are:

• Bring maximum value to the end user
• Maximise empathy and mutual understanding
• Robustness and stability
• Have great design and user experience
• Minimize efforts by automating everything I can

I’m passionate about quality. It includes the quality of the relationships between team members.

To increase my knowledge, I used to go to conferences, I now follow them on YouTube. I like to open and read code from others, picking clever tricks wherever possible.

I'm writing 2 tech blogs : one about me, another to help junior Ruby-on-Rails developers to increase their skills.

Apart from work, I like to be outside, no matter if it's gardening or running. Write me at bdavidxyz at gmail dot com

Warm regards!