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Hello! My name is Huseyin and I am a full-stack web developer. Currently, I am working as Code Reviewer at Microverse and I am designing and developing my personal project, a listing app that lists restaurants and shops for vegans. I really enjoy building apps that solve real-world problems.

I have worked in many different sectors since I started working at an early age. For the last five years, I have been working in hotels and helping them to catch the era by building and updating their websites and related tools. At the same time, I was building websites for my customers as a freelancer. In March 2022, I wanted to learn more about programming and started an online school called Microverse. There, I learned remote collaboration and remote pair programming with people all around the world.

Having a vision coming from long and varied work experience, my responsible, team player, and caring characteristics, the skills I acquired by myself such as time management, and problem-solving finalized as finding me in managerial positions in my latest jobs in the hospitality sector. I am sure, my vision and the soft skills I have will be helpful in my software development journey.

Front-End: JavaScript, React, Redux, Stimulus.js, HTML5, CSS3
Back-End: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL
Tools & Methods: Git, Github, Heroku, Fly, Netlify, RSpec, TDD, Chrome Dev Tools
Professional: Remote Pair-Programming, Teamwork

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