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Experienced Ruby on Rails developer with a strong background in building web applications. Proficient in backend development, database design, and front-end integration. Adept at using Ruby on Rails conventions to create scalable, maintainable, and efficient code. Familiar with agile development methodologies and committed to delivering high-quality software solutions.

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Hi there, i'm Jitendra Chavhan
I started my career as Ruby on Rails developer from 2021, i have 2 year of experience on Full Stack RoR.

Implemented new features and enhancement using ERB templates including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

Worked closely with Product Team to understand their requirements and translate them into functional web applications.

Optimized database queries, improving application performance load time reduce by 20%, resolving N+1 issues

Implement Docker containerization and hosted on AWS-EC2 instance it reduce downtime of application if any issue occurs.

Passionate about Rails Eco-system and contribution in cutting edge project.

I worked on 1 year on resolving the issues and bug on the project it highly skill up me for debugging and troubleshooting .

while working over 2 year in Ruby on Rails. i enhance my skills are follows
1. Project Understanding
2. MVC Architecture
3. Active Record
4. JavaScript
5. worked with Databases PostgreSQL & MongoDb
6. Git for version control
7. Docker for enviroment independent
8. Familier with Trello for Ticket Management