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Full Stack Software Engineer | Ruby on Rails | ReactJS | Hotwire | Turbo | StimulusJS | SQL | TailwindCSS | AWS | CI/CD | GraphQL | React Native

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I am a Full Stack Software Engineer with 5 years of industry experience. I have shipped a variety of SaaS and business process engineering applications. I have built consumer-facing applications for web and mobile with distributed architecture. I have also built admin applications and infrastructure applications. I have also developed Rails Gems and Engines. I also have experience in leading development teams. I am an avid learner. I like to learn new skills.

Currently, I am working at a SaaS company. I am working primarily on Ruby on Rails, StimulusJS, React, SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. I also have professional experience in React Native and GraphQL.

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Please check my LinkedIn for my Work Experience.