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I am a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with nearly eleven years of experience. I build and maintain payment gateways, SaaS, e-commerce, business, and stand-alone Ruby applications/GEMs. In addition to Ruby, I also do Node JS, Flutter, Swift UI, and Elixir application development.

I have a 7-year combined history working for Edge Payments & GivingFire, implementing and maintaining payment gateways based on Ruby on Rails. In both companies, I have implemented the majority of the application, both commit and pull-request-wise.

  • Moov Financial, RS2, USAePay payment processor integration
  • Sift for transaction risk assessment
  • Middesk for KYB (know your business)
  • Veriff for KYC (know your customer)
  • 3DSecure for card transaction security
  • Evervault & VeryGoodSecurity integration for card/bank-account tokenisation for PCI compliance
  • Finicity for collecting Bank AC information to handle payouts

In addition, I also have experience with SalesForce, Zappier and a variety of other 3rd party integrations.

Preferred stack:

  • Rails + Stimulus
  • Stimulus Reflex or Stimulus + ActionCable for reactive HTML over WebSockets
  • PostgreSQL Redis
  • Slim + ViewComponents
  • RSpec + Cypress/Cuprite