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Sr. developer: full-stack Rails, Rails API+ReactJS

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I am a Rails developer having spent 10 years full-time developing solutions through full-stack Rails applications. Helping craft solutions to improve the human experience in some way is what keeps me wanting to develop software day after day.

I am currently among the laid-off masses of developers searching for a good place to launch the next phase of my career. Having been mostly a lone-wolf developer putting out solutions and services internal to my former employer’s operations (for nearly 13 years), I’m ready to become part of a working team again.

I am used to working closely (if not exclusively) with non-developers, taking high-level business-functionality goals and translating those into code. This has helped me become a resourceful self-starter with an intuitive grasp of project management and prioritizing engineering work. I have also worked on small teams, which I thoroughly enjoyed as well.