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I wish I would have been exposed to programming much earlier in life.

The first programming book I read was "Learn Ruby the Hard Way" by Zed Shaw. That, coupled with an interest in graphic design seemed like a gateway into a very enjoyable career where I could be logical and creative! Shortly after, I joined a bootcamp in 2016.

I've worked with quite a few frameworks and libraries since 2016. Here's what I've learned:
- Ruby is super fun, Rails is not dead, convention-over-configuration is my preference whenever possible.
- JavaScript is cool but the front-end world can be exhausting; too much reinventing the wheel and forgetting about web fundamentals.
- I enjoy CSS a lot.
- Hotwire and Stimulus are a very cool approach to efficiently providing a user with a SPA-like experience
- I'm proficient in React but like to keep it simple, sustainable, composable.

I strive to find the appropriate balance of simplicity and complexity in order to:
- meet the project needs
- be considerate of fellow developers who will need to read, understand, work with the code I write
- enable Junior devs to step into the codebase and understand/mimic/extend the codebase.

Unique Traits:
- Trilingual (English, Spanish, French)
- Education background (I can mentor Junior devs)

Positive Traits:
- Passionate about good quality
- Tenacious

Personal focus:
- I've been focused on diving deeper into the Rails ecosystem and my aim is to find a role with a company using Rails + Hotwire, or Rails + React.

NOTE: The link "Website" link in my bio is Github. I'm currently redoing some portfolio projects.