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Software Engineer | Ruby on Rails | 3Y+

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I am a full stack Ruby on Rails developer with 3+ Years of experience in developing robust and scalable web applications. I am proficient in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and have experience working with popular web development frameworks such as React.

I have a solid understanding of web application architecture, RESTful API design, and database management, which allows me to build secure, reliable, and high-performance web applications. I have worked on projects in various industries, including e-commerce, delivery-platform and management-systems and have experience working with clients from around the world.

I possess excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a passion for delivering high-quality work. I am also experienced in agile development methodologies and have excellent communication skills, enabling me to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Rspec
  • Javascript / Stimulus.js / Turbo / React
  • PostgreSQL / Redis / Sidekiq
  • Heroku / Github / AWS
  • View components / Tailwind / Bootstrap