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Hi, I'm Danny and I am an experienced Ruby on Rails developer and technical leader. Having worked with some of the best/most well known Ruby/Rails companies (most recently Cookpad for 5+ years), I have an detailed understanding of Ruby/Rails best practice, working at scale and what makes software development teams thrive.

I have extensive experience with Ruby, Rails, Stimulus, JS, Tailwind, MySQL, Postgres, Kafka and numerous other technologies. I come with a long history of managing teams and projects, from smaller 8 person teams as EM/Lead Developer to 75 person engineering organisations.

I can help you with:

  • Ruby/Rails/JS development
  • Levelling up your current team
  • Developing/implementing your company best practices and documentation
  • Managing your team (1-1's, career development)

I am passionate about business and product development and enjoy working with product counterparts to develop roadmaps, conduct user interviews and scope projects.

I am a well rounded individual who "gets things done".