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Full-stack dev with a focus on interactive 3d websites using Rails & Three.js

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I started programming when I was 11 years old, in the early 90s. First, I've learned Turbo Pascal and Basic, and around 1994, I've started learning web development with HTML. CSS didn't exist yet, but was adapted very soon when it came out. Then I learned PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.
I've made an apprenticeship as Media Designer from 2001 to 2004 and there I learned Macromedia Flash and Director, which I already used back then in order to create interactive 3d web content like games. Unfortunately, Macromedia didn't develop Director any further but focused on Flash, so I mostly stopped doing 3d web graphics for a while, except for a few experiments with 3d Flash.
Around that time, that was about 2006 or 07, I got to know Ruby on Rails and was amazed how easy the language Ruby is, and how quickly project ideas could be realised and extended by using Rails.
When Flash was stopped, the small 3d web developers community moved from Flash to JavaScript, and Three.js is one of the results of this transformation. It is nowadays one of the most advanced libraries for the creation of interactive 3d web content, and it's getting more and more widely used in the industry.
I'm passionate about doing web development and design, using the most advanced technologies while implementing open standards as far as possible, and getting things running that hardly anyone has tried yet. Like the combination of a Ruby on Rails backend with an interactive 3d frontend using Three.js. And I'm passionate about trying to find new ways of user interaction that differ from the now 30 years old core principles of the mostly text-based, two-dimensional World Wide Web.
Btw I'm the Founder and Director of Genie Robotics LLC, so I'm only available for part-time jobs.