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Entrepreneur at heart with passion for building web apps using Ruby on Rails

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I'm fortunate to have gathered many years of experience working with Shopify, focusing mainly on full-stack web development. My background in both programming and entrepreneurship has given me a broad perspective that I try to bring to each project. I'm constantly motivated to learn and integrate new technologies, a passion that keeps me engaged in my work.

I've had the opportunity to collaborate with various Shopify merchants, from startups to more established businesses. While web development is my core competency, I also have some experience in marketing, which has proven helpful in understanding client objectives holistically.

Technologically, I'm comfortable working with a suite of tools that include Ruby on Rails, Stimulus, Turbo, PostgreSQL, Tailwind, and React. Ruby on Rails is my go-to full-stack framework, and I've also picked up some proficiency in JavaScript, among other technologies. It's an ongoing journey to maintain expertise in creating contemporary web applications.