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Gem author, refactoring fan, tutor and Rails/Ruby/React dev

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I've been developing Ruby/Rails apps for over 10 years. I love OSS and have contributed to many projects including Ruby and Rails. I also created several open source gems and one of them, Alba, has more than 600 stars on GitHub.

I'm passionate about refactoring, testing and meta programming. I often improve the code other developers wrote, but when I write from scratch I always do TDD to develop confidently. I'm a fan of RSpec but I use MiniTest for my gems. I love meta programming and Ruby's capacity to use meta programming to solve problems.

I'm also interested in teaching/tutoring. I joined workshops by Rails Girls more than 10 times as a coach and had some mentoring sessions with newbies.

Recently I started to develop React application with TypeScript. It's different from Ruby and Rails but I enjoy it for now.