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Lead Engineer with 14+ years of Ruby and Rails Experience

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Hey there, I'm Michael! I've had titles such as CTO, VP of Engineering, and Lead Senior Engineer before. Currently, I'm exploring all opportunities and have a ton of Rails experience to offer. I have contributed about a dozen PRs to Rails and many more PRs to other gems in the Ruby and Rails ecosystem.

I love to do both deep IC work and am also open to exploring new engineering management and leadership positions. I truly enjoy mentoring engineers and coaching them on Ruby and Rails best practices and approaches.

I have experience with everything from software architecture, security engineering, database design, query optimization, and Rails performance improvements, as well as plenty of front-end development with everything from jQuery to React to now Turbo and Stimulus. In fact, despite my experience throughout the backend, I find front-end and ultimately "full-stack" product development to be the most fulfilling!

Don't hesitate to reach out to to explore how we might work together.