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Full time Rails dev since ‘09. Hotwire + Tailwind = ❤️

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When I got introduced to Ruby and Rails in 2009 it was love at first sight. For me, programming has always just been a means to an end, until I met Ruby and Rails. They provided me with the sharp knives to make programming fun and efficient, without compromising on quality. Every now and then I’ve strayed away from the beaten path to explore some different languages and frameworks but I’ve always found myself getting back to Ruby, Rails and the community around them.

I’ve built many successful Rails apps in different capacities. As founder, freelancer and employed as lead developer. My apps have been put to the test at scale and have seen many years of keeping up with upgrades and market demands.

The vast majority of my career has been async and remote-first. I consider this the ultimate form for a healthy and productive work/life balance. Ideally augmented with regular face-time for socially connecting.