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Passionate Sr Full Stack Rails Engineer

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I am a .Net to Ruby convert with over 25 years of experience designing, building, testing, deploying, and supporting software and platforms. I fully embrace agile software development using Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, and Automated Testing and am an advocate of the minimal viable product and pair programming. I am a thought leader, team mentor, and a passionate developer who is always looking for challenges and problems; none of which have proven too great.

Industries: Ecommerce, Healthcare/Wellness, Energy (Smart Grid), Consulting


Backend: Rails, RSpec, Localstack, Node, Jest, TSQL
Persistence: Postgres/PostGIS, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ
Cloud: AWS: ECS, Fargate, SQS, SNS, S3, RDS, DynamoDB
Frontend: React, Redux, Jest, Vue3, Jest
Proven track record of continued growth on successful projects and platforms that require strong client and inter team interaction.
Experience in iterative and full lifecycle development for Internet, commercial, distributed, and n-tier solutions.