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Extensive experience in Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Docker. Expertise in Engineering Management.

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My journey in the world of software development has been marked by continuous growth and a passion for solving complex challenges. I've evolved from a Lecturer in web development to a Tech Lead Software Engineer, gaining expertise in various areas along the way.

A significant milestone in my career was my role as a Senior Backend Developer / DevOps at Webedia GmbH. There, I not only mastered Ruby on Rails but also improved and configured recommendation systems, elevating user experiences to new heights.

In another role as a DevOps / Platform Engineer at anynines, I excelled in automated PaaS management and introduced microservices architecture using Ruby and Golang. My knack for system automation and PaaS application support contributed significantly to the organization's efficiency.

Throughout my journey, I've embraced cloud infrastructure, DevOps practices, and leadership roles. My unique skills lie in bridging the gap between development, infrastructure, and system automation, enabling me to tackle challenges that others may find daunting. I'm not just a developer; I'm an innovator who thrives on continuous learning and finding creative solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

With 15+ years of industry experience, I have a proven track record in leading large teams, designing innovative systems, and making significant contributions to the industry. I am well-equipped to set and direct departments and contribute substantially to any challenging projects.