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RoR dev since 2010 and programming since childhood

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I have been programming professionally since 2008. I started working with Rails projects in 2010. Since then I have been working with many projects and teams. I have been working on my own (team size of 1) and in teams as big as 30 people. I have been working with clients from all around the world, but mainly from US and EU.

I am mainly a backend engineer. With more than twelve years of experience I think I can help you with any Rails project that you want to build, grow, upgrade or just get fixed.

My strong focus is code quality. I love doing and receiving code reviews. There is tremendous amount of skills and knowledge one can learn from reading and reviewing other people's code. And I really enjoy getting to know how things work.

Just drop me a line if you want to chat about a next great thing, a big problem to solve or a simple bug to fix. Cheers!