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Launched my own startup in EdTech in 2013, which failed mostly because I didn't know the first thing about tech & web development.

In 2015, after closing up this failed venture, I went to learn the skills I was missing @ Le Wagon web dev bootcamp in Paris for 2 months.
I immediately started working as a freelancer, as I was lucky enough to land a first gig 2 weeks after the training started.

After graduation I kept working as a freelance, and also started teaching for Le Wagon across the globe (Paris, Nantes, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Tokyo, etc), first as a TA (teaching assistant), then after 6mo as a full-fledged teacher. I've taught 550+ students, over 400+ teaching days & 35+ bootcamps sessions.

In August 2019, I joined Le Wagon franchise in Nantes, FR as a partner. I worked on strengthening our brand awareness (building partnerships with local partners) and B2C business development (marketing & events). Ended up selling the franchise back to Le Wagon HQ in July 2021.

As a freelance developer I mainly work with small businesses, young startups & bigger corporations on consumer facing or internal apps. Between personal projects & ideas and client work, I've built & maintained 12+ monolithic rails apps so far.

I'm now focusing on building Pélopée, a micro SAAS-building studio based in Nantes, FR, while teaching & freelancing on the side to extend my personal runway.

👨‍💻 My technical stack: ruby, ruby on rails, vanilla javascript, stimulus.js, Stimulus Reflex (to build backend-driven reactive application), rspec, sidekiq, bootstrap, webpack, redis, postgresql, heroku, clevercloud, git & github.

🛠 My tools stack: Notion, Slack, Loom, Airtable, Zapier, Typeform, Tally,, Typedream, Softr, whimsical, miro, figma, sketch, among other project management, nocode, lowcode & automation tools.