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Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer, bringing your ideas to life one commit at a time

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I'm a Ruby on Rails developer.
I have experience working with JavaScript, Ruby, React, and Ruby on Rails. I'm passionate about creating dynamic and user-friendly websites that provide seamless user experiences.

Additionally, I'm currently learning C++, which has given me a strong foundation in programming and problem-solving. My ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and programming languages, coupled with my passion for building intuitive websites, make me an ideal candidate for any team looking to create innovative web solutions.

Language: Ruby, JavaScript, C++, PHP
Frameworks: React, Rails, Laravel
Frontend Tools: HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, TailWind.
Test tools: Rspec, Capybara, Jest
Database Tools: Postgresql, Mysql, SQLite.
Version manager: Github.
Deployment Server: Heroku, Render.