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15 years of building successful products with Rails the boring way.

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After bootstrapping and exiting a successful Rails SaaS as both principal engineer and CTO, I decided to focus back on my passion for engineering and architecture. I joined a remote-only startup building a new product with the goal of using the traditional Rails paradigms along with tried and tested technology to quickly get a comprehensive product to market.

That "keep it simple" approach got the product into the hands of some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Feature development turned into performance and growth engineering, again, using the same mentality of finding the simplest most effective approach.

I am an excellent generalist with experience in most traditional Rails stacks from backend to frontend and able to easily adapt to new technologies (but only where warranted!)

I enjoy the challenge of a fast paced startup world of executing on ideas and providing solutions for customers problems with quick deployment and iterative improvements.