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Leveraging my background as a product manager, my passion as a developer lies in crafting user-centric products that are efficient and effective.

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I'm passionate about Tech for good - building #DigitalPublicGoods.
🎯 Product Manager: Recently completing an advanced certificate in product management, I possess the strategic acumen and analytical abilities required to turn ideas into market-ready products. My two years of experience in product management have equipped me with the skills to drive innovation, oversee development, and execute successful go-to-market strategies.
🚀 Full Stack Developer: Over the past two years, I've honed my skills in developing user-centred products, utilising my adaptability and knowledge to bring ideas to life.
⚙️ Manual QA Tester: I bring one year of experience in Quality Assurance testing, ensuring the highest level of product quality and user satisfaction. My attention to detail and problem-solving mindset has contributed significantly to successful product launches and seamless performance.