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Bachelor's degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics(not completed) with a passion for technology and problem-solving.
Proficient in web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and HTTP.
Skilled in programming languages such as Go, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Protobuf, Kafka, gRPC, C# and Java.
Proven ability to translate technical concepts into non-technical and executive audiences.
Experienced in identifying business needs and developing technical solutions in a startup environment.
Adept in technical leadership, project management, and analytical problem-solving.
Familiarity with PostgresQL, SQL/MySQL and Unix/Linux operating systems and commands.
Strong collaboration skills, capable of driving technical decisions with diverse customer stakeholder groups.

Work Experience:

Senior Software Engineer
AzaFinance - Nairobi, Kenya.
August, 2021 - Present(2 yrs 2 mos)


Perform in-depth implementation reviews to ensure the successful integration of partner solutions.
Advocate for new product features, collaborating with cross-functional teams for prompt resolution of technical challenges.
Provide technical documentation and guidance to partners to ensure seamless integration.
Collect and communicate partner feedback to internal teams, including Product Management and Engineering, to enhance integrations.
Identify operational workflow improvements and define tool requirements for scaling operations.
Drive the development and deployment of tools in collaboration with Engineering to enhance operational efficiency.
Maintained Ruby, Go, Nodejs and Java microservices.

Senior Software Engineer
Shogun - Remote.
Mar 2020 – Nov 2021 (1 yr 9 mos)


Drove key contributions within the Shogun Frontend Integrations squad, adeptly crafting and maintaining micro-services utilizing Go.
Pioneered a significant improvement to the reporting dashboard, introducing a real-time data streaming feature via bash scripts, revolutionizing data visualization and analysis capabilities.
Forged strong partnerships with product and design teams, ensuring that new features aligned with user needs and were implemented with user-friendliness in mind.

Software Engineer
Andela - Nairobi, Kenya.
Dec 2017 – Mar 2020 (2 yrs 4 mos)


Pioneered the development of an internal product, Andela Media, employing Ruby on Rails, Vuejs, and Redis. This innovative solution streamlined the sharing of photos and videos within the organization.
Collaborated harmoniously with a dynamic team of designers and product managers to define product requirements and design, fostering seamless communication and alignment.
Implemented and rigorously tested various components of the application, including the robust user authentication and authorization system, file storage and retrieval mechanisms, and the user interface.
Successfully deployed the application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and subsequently managed it, proactively addressing bug reports and proactively integrating new features as required.

Software/Data Engineer
Namely - New York, USA.
Dec 2018 – Aug 2019 (9 mos)


Engineered developer administration tools that interface seamlessly with Apache Kafka, empowering developers to efficiently monitor and manage their Kafka clusters.
Led efforts on the event streaming gateway for C#, Go, Ruby, and gRPC microservices, innovatively introducing features such as message filtering and replay functionality.
Pioneered the addition of real-time streaming support to the reporting dashboard, offering users the capability to access and analyze live data trends.
Collaborated closely with both development and operations teams to ensure the successful design, reliability, and user-friendliness of newly introduced features.

Junior Software Engineer
C4DLab - Nairobi, Kenya.
Aug 2014 – Jan 2017 (2 yrs 6 mos)


Demonstrated outstanding problem-solving and development skills by delivering solutions for startup projects at the University of Nairobi, including the creation of a bike-share system and an incubator website.
Offering invaluable support to a startup, contributing to their firmware product using Python, Arduino, MikroC, and C++.
Upheld and optimized lab websites, routinely implementing new features and swiftly addressing bugs using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Collaborated closely with startup partners to deeply understand their requirements, ensuring seamless alignment with the websites' functionalities.