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As a software developer with over 10 years of experience, I have a strong track record of building and improving financial and real estate software, as well as developing custom solutions for various clients. I specialize in Ruby/RubyOnRails, JavaScript, Angular, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and have a proven ability to learn and adapt to new technologies and platforms.

My journey began in 2012 as a BI Developer, where I gained experience writing queries and creating reports for C-level executives. I then spent almost 3 years in this role at two different companies before moving to GestarCoop as a Back-end Developer, where I worked on a core financial software for cooperatives.

In 2016, I decided to become a freelancer and joined BeatCoding as a Ruby and mobile developer, working on a variety of projects for different clients. I then moved to Australia and joined BresicWhitney as a Ruby on Rails developer, where I integrated a CRM with their website to improve agent efficiency.

After returning to Europe, I took on a Back-end developer position at HeroGaming, where I built targeted market websites and integrated 3rd party game providers. I then worked as a software engineer at OutFund, where I developed and built new products to offer alternative funding options for businesses.

Overall, my diverse experience and expertise make me well-suited to tackle a wide range of software development challenges. I am eager to continue learning and growing in my career, and am looking for opportunities to make a meaningful impact at a forward-thinking organization.