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rails developer with java and python experience as well. Also worked with vuejs, graphql and bootstrap.

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10 years rails experience. Proficient in java, vuejs, graphql and bootstrap as well.
I have worked with Oracle, Postgresql and MySQL RDBMS. Also worked with artifactory, redis, kubernetes, docker, github, jira and jenkins.

I have also managed a team of software engineers, managed 9 month projects and mentored junior engineers.

My most recent project is a rails application to mirror libraries between two artifactory instances. It was implemented with rails 7, turbo and stimulus with a postgresql database.

This was my first use of turbo streams using server side events instead of websockets and GoodJob instead of Sidekiq.

I'm passionate about helping the next generation learn about STEM, in particular software engineering. My preference would be in the non-profit or not-for-profit sector, but I am open to other sectors.

My industry knowledge is legal analysis.