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Full stack web developer, with a background of aircraft maintenance engineering

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I am an extremely motivated individual, who has always been passionate about engineering. Hence, I found the courage to move by myself from Barcelona, Spain, to the UK in 2013, to seek further career development working at the upper end of the aviation industry.

As a person always interested in IT, Tech news and PC hardware, I’ve developed a natural skill with computers. As an example, I was able to set up a Lan network for my office back in 2008 on Windows XP, with 7 computers in 4 different locations and 2 different office addresses. Good old XP!

Therefore, in the last 2 years my focus on coding has become increasingly stronger, to the point that I decided to embark on a career change and attend a bootcamp at Le Wagon. During the course, I worked with a fantastic team of individuals, learning Ruby, JavaScript and Ruby on rails as an example, shipping to production 2 projects collaborating in a team of 4.

This last project where I had the pleasure to collaborate on is Shrine.

We found than grieving is hard, and in a technological world the we live in now days, people wants to get together to mourn our loved ones, but sometimes is hard to find a common place where share our memories.

As part of our last project in my bootcamp at Le Wagon, we build Shrine from scratch and shipped to production using Ruby on Rails.

On a collaborative team of 4 members, I learn the good practices of version control. Using a framework like Rails, I've learned how to use MVC architecture, by creating models, routes, controllers and views. Thanks a Rails ActiveRecords, we kept a solid N:N database on postgreSQL and I consolidated concepts of migrations, columns their values, defaults and validations. As soft skills, the importance of communication, getting together at the end of the day to discuss progress, pull request revisions, and planning the next goals and tickets.